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Some had experience of Frankish Gaul and hence some acquaintance with Roman institutions and culture.
Black manages to compress a good deal into a limited space, calling on his thorough acquaintance with a vast array of primary sources.
I made acquaintance with this man's writing when I was eighteen, or maybe nineteen.
My acquaintance with her just before she entered government made the experience particularly alarming.
Now, because of her acquaintance with Moher, Zalie was looked at as if she were one of the most important people ever born.
A short acquaintance with Frank Hardy was enough to establish him as a typical bar-room urger.
And so art became baffling and uninterpretable without acquaintance with arcane theory.
Kiernan's acquaintance with Faiz in Lahore flowered into a life-long friendship.
Now, have you had opportunities, in the course of your acquaintance with Mr. Favreau, to watch him walk?
With the renewal of his acquaintance with her, Jean's life takes a new turn.
Blackburn Hawks renew acquaintance with arch-rivals Whitley Bay Warriors this weekend, not once, but twice in back-to-back cup and league action.
His telling anecdotes draw on years of personal acquaintance with key figures, and alert attendance at arcane, cultish tech conferences.
When his marriage is disrupted by the renewal of his acquaintance with Shimamoto, it comes back to haunt him.
The latter requires some sort of acquaintance with, or apprehension of, objects like numbers.
In 1811 he returned to England and renewed acquaintance with his half-sister, Augusta Leigh.
She is neither particularly prepossessing in her appearance nor outwardly warm, as even David admits remembering his first acquaintance with her.
When they told me where they lived I had no idea where Downpatrick was, and it pleased me that now I had a passing acquaintance with the place.
Long acquaintance with her own profession makes her impatient with fantasists and phonies.
Either it was done in a great hurry, or the translator has only a passing acquaintance with colloquial English.
Our first acquaintance with power is, presumably, our experience of the power of personal agency.
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Examples from Classical Literature
His acquaintance with the vast casuistic literature of his race was of the shallowest.
I did feel that I did not owe my escape merely to my acquaintance with chlorite and its properties.
He spoke nothing but the truth, for he had but the sketchiest acquaintance with the composition of any kind of machinery.
We had not expected to go on board the Hitachi again, and never thought we should renew acquaintance with our personal belongings.
This acquaintance with honker and Peter's everlasting curiosity have resulted in many strange stories.
It is probable that his acquaintance with literature was incommensurate with his reputation or apparent scope as a writer.
They seem to have no acquaintance with one another, beyond that begot out of the game.
He opened his eyes at my acquaintance with his name, but jerked his head at me comprehendingly.
But Bok's personal acquaintance with legislators in his Keystone State helped here materially.
I had a nodding acquaintance with His Grace, whom I had once attended for scarlatina when he was a midshipman.
Is it not possible that their acquaintance with climatology was as exact or even more so than our own?
The further my acquaintance with the ring extended, the more convinced I became that tauromachy will last as long as Spain lasts.
But Philip had another motive in continuing his acquaintance with that personage.
Could it be all because Dartrey Fenellan countenanced her acquaintance with that woman?
His curial is a satire on the vices of the court by one who had acquaintance with its corruption.
Why, where on earth could you have made acquaintance with a man called merl?
I inquired, wilily, hoping the answer would give me some clew to his acquaintance with her.
I do not think I was much the better for my small acquaintance with the dead languages.
I have no particular desire to be struck by a shell or a bullet, and up to now I have had only a nodding acquaintance with either.
My acquaintance with grave-diggers, considering its length, was unremarkable.
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