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Many acacias exude gums, of which the best known is gum arabic, extracted from incisions in the bark of A. senegal.
In and around the Olympic village, acacias and evergreen Holm oaks are given prominence.
A variety of flowers and plants including genistas, acacias, jonquils, tulips, and palms were placed at the base of the eight towering columns.
On my latest guitar I've used some of the desert acacias, Myall for the bridge and fretboard, minnerichi for the binding.
When particular plants flower in sequence, I have seen the same natural area bathed in the yellow of acacias, white of tea-trees, or pink and purple.
Ngar said authorities in the past introduced pioneer species such as acacias and eucalypts that adapted quickly to badly eroded areas on barren land.
No people, no houses, no cars, just a wilderness of river-gum trees lining ancient waterless riverbeds, acacias, spinifex grasses and spooky giant termite mounds.
Scattered trees, mainly acacias and junipers, dot the savanna.
I was once asked by my neighbours whether I would mind very much if they were to hop across and chop down the acacias and pines at the bottom of our garden.
This results in flora including birch trees, acacias, jessamine, wayfaring trees, crocuses, snowdrops, water lilies, and several grey-leaved perennials.
The key in this region is to revegetate corridors between remnant stands of native trees and shrubs, such as acacias, cacti, Texas ebony, and guayacan.
In its natural habitat tun is found growing in mixed stands comprising other broad-level species like terminalias, albizzias, bombax, ficuses, shisham, acacias, etc.
Petaurids feed on insects and on the sap and gum of eucalypts and acacias.
The Plaza, with its canopy of acacias, jacarandas and monkey-puzzles offers an oasis of calm from both the traffic noise and soaring heat of midday.
Beekeepers producing honey from the flowers of false acacias are panicking about the possibility that the trees may soon be regulated as an exotic species.
The latter species was collected only once in this survey on A. flavescens but is widespread on both tropical and temperate acacias in Australia.
An antless acacia is doomed. Janzen concluded that the ants and acacias are obligate symbionts, depending entirely upon each other.
Here are the mimosas, the ingas, the acacias, the maples, the beautiful ailantus, and the fine fruit tree, the mango.
The cheetah avoids the sun from April to October, seeking the shelter of shrubs such as balanites and acacias.
Hummingbirds favor acacias, aloes, bottlebrush, grevilleas, melaleucas, and flowring quince.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Gum-producing acacias are, with the date palm, the commonest trees in Arabia.
The Gehenna has turned into a Vale of Sharon full of lilies, lilacs, and acacias.
When these leaflets are again divided in the same way, the leaf becomes thrice pinnate, or tripinnate, as in many Acacias.
The songs of the birds were heard in an aviary hard by, and the branches of laburnums and rose acacias formed an exquisite framework to the blue velvet curtains.
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