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Then, as Rich gawked, the leopard gripped its catch by the neck and, without too much effort, lugged it twenty feet straight up an acacia tree.
The Kalahari is a green desert, largely of low thorn scrub and acacia trees.
Health kits, containing handy wooden tools made of acacia tree, will help to kill pain in your body parts without the application of any balms.
Brazilian pepper, carrotwood and ear leaf acacia were cut down, and their stumps were treated with herbicide.
Scrubby acacia bush gave way to tussocks of cram cram grass until that too disappeared.
They feed mainly on leaves of acacia and mimosa, using their 450mm extendable tongues and mobile lips to secure their food.
Afterwards we picnicked under the shade of an acacia tree and bargained with a group of smiths who patiently wait for a little passing business.
The mud walls glowed with the colours of sunset and the park-like scattering of acacia trees were back lit by the dusk.
Tours of the grounds include a walk through a forest filled with pine, cryptomeria, acacia and a wide variety of other plants.
Other species which were illegally chopped down included acacia, longan, banana and ivy trees, all found in Hong Kong's countryside.
A well-planted aviary, especially with native species of trees or shrubs like acacia or eucalyptus, is ideal.
The A to Z of conservatory plants starts with the feathery yellow flowers of the acacia in bloom from December to March.
Kruger spreads over nearly 20,000 sq km of unspoilt scrubland punctuated by acacia and mopane trees.
There is the touch of the camel-thorn acacia that has just been grazed by a giraffe, and the smell of wild sage as you brush past it in the bush.
All around me white and yellow flowering acacia trees are abuzz with bees, wasps, and colorful cetoniid beetles.
Cooler notes are provided by wisteria, musk and linen while vanilla, sandalwood and acacia warm to the pulse points.
Second, the cactus and acacia trees may have dissimilar distributions of branch length.
Without vaulting or trusses, Yemeni traditional architecture had to rely on the usable length of palm, acacia or tamarisk trunks for spans.
Further afield where camels browse, we found dried-up, and unyielding acacia trees, normally a reliable source of sustenance.
On a private game reserve, Intu Afrika, the acacia trees hide giraffes, oryx, eland and ostriches.
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They like white and yellow jessamine, too, and catalpa flowers and lilies and acacia blossoms.
On the open grounds the bloodwood, Moreton Bay ash, and a strong growing acacia are the principal trees.
The leaf-movements of the acacia, the sensitive plant, etc., are well known.
No. 31562, which was obtained in a yucca and acacia association, had little fat.
Death lurked for her, there outside in the dark, from behind the acacia tree!
What walks there are where the air is all fragrance of acacia and rose and orange blossoms!
Decoctions of flaxseed, slippery elm, acacia, etc. are suitable demulcents and protectives.
The leaves of barberry and of some species of Astragalus, and the stipules of the false acacia are spiny.
Both these shrubs are species of acacia, the myall being of much larger growth and longer lived than the mulga.
Swinging down by his legs and one hand, he thrust the thorned branch of acacia deep in under the ruff.
There are excellent acacia and other leguminous bushes for the camels.
If an acacia, Mr. Bentham says, it is different from any he knows.
The extracts were triturated with gum acacia and dosage of 300 mg per kg body weight was prepared.
Then she climbed an acacia, and nestling into its tufted top, she watched the stranger with the inquisitive attention of the forest birds.
The dom palm, tamarisk, acacia and wild senna are also found.
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