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She has told the court her mother was difficult, domineering and physically and verbally abusive towards her.
A friend of mine was a domestic violence crisis line counselor and wound up in an abusive relationship.
One of the main drives behind this campaign is to get proper services in place for women who want to escape from abusive relationships.
The gratuitous gossip included claims of domestic violence, adultery and abusive relationships.
Women's Aid did not know why more women in violent and abusive relationships were seeking their help.
I was in a particularly nasty marriage, a violent and abusive relationship that started the day after the wedding.
How do I know if I am in an unhealthy, abusive, or even violent relationship?
The refuge provides a haven for people fleeing violent or abusive relationships.
I think there is a similarity to the attitude of many abused children who blame themselves for the abusive actions of their parents.
For decades the prevailing theories tell us that the roots of violence lie in deprived environments and abusive parents.
She struggled through divorce, life as a single parent, abusive relationships and another rocky marriage.
Not that he was abusive, unkind or violent, he just expected more of her than she often felt she had to give.
A victim's decision to remain in an abusive relationship may be positively reinforced in several ways.
There is strong evidence for a link between abusive behaviour and violence in the family of origin.
Those who attended including women who had been in abusive relationships and sought help through the Women Awake meetings.
Her e-mails revealed that she's been in an emotionally abusive relationship for about a year.
When women pluck up the courage to leave a violent or abusive relationship, they often find their abuser turns to the law, Tagg explained.
If you are abused as a child this definitely doesn't mean that you are going to end up in a violent or abusive relationship yourself.
The previous day, an Athens court ruled that the strike was illegal and abusive.
Essentially, the challenge is to catch abusive practices without catching harmless practices, to boot.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Many replies were made to Mr. Gladstone's pamphlet that were violent and abusive.
Some young women in Bradford, however, confronted abusive overlookers individually.
For using abusive language to a non-member, one quart of honey.
The deputy followed me, indulging in a tirade of most abusive language.
It also established punishment guideless for certain abusive behaviors against women, such as cruel insults and written or spoken threats.
But I think it's worth proving to the court and public that it is abusive to train a horse with a cattle prod.
But nor should abusive drunks think they have a right to kid-glove treatment when they are way out of line.
Blanche's excited, impudently abusive tongue and the General's plaintive wail as, apparently, he sought to justify himself in something.
The abusive term for all that is old and rude is already Gothic, Goths.
She spoke of Annie, a 5-year-old Sheltie, who had been rescued by her owner from an abusive situation.
Fleming's Wilson was a coward, bull-headed and abusive, a mean-spirited commander-in-chief who was obsessed with keeping his grip on power.
True, American politics has always found a place for the abusive and scurrilous calumniator of our political leaders.
I turned away to pay off my taxi, the driver of which was very cantankerous and abusive over his fare.
This propaganda of politeness has gone so far that to-day the man who is profane or abusive at the telephone, is cut off from the use of it.
An abusive stepfather is terrorizing his wife, his almost-grown stepson, Luke, and his little stepdaughter, Gwin.
Their power and policies were discriminatory, abusive, and challenging for the colonized societies.
You are abusive, Ctesippus, said Dionysodorus, you are abusive!
The circle of torturers formed about Jerry again, and again was wreaked upon him all abusive contempt for having lost his taboo.
Though unable to walk, she had arrived borne aloft in an armchair, as brisk, aggressive, self-satisfied, bolt-upright, loudly imperious, and generally abusive as ever.
Former San Fernando resident Irene Jensen battled the family court and child protective systems for 13 years to save her daughter from an allegedly abusive father.
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