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All went well except no one said anything about us having permission to use the building as a factory.
Then we'll go to school on Monday stuck like Siamese twins and then everyone will know about us.
There is a good community feel about us, everybody mucks in and they just want me to succeed in the new club.
That the sounds are musical to our ears may say more about us than about the elephants.
If the natural environment is naturally subject to change then what about us humans?
We cannot control what other's write about us, and today's critic may be tomorrow's biographer and obituarist.
When a member of the household is sick our lives are rendered strange and detached from the world about us.
The singer, his voice deep and husky, started singing mimicking that of Frank Sinatra, singing about us dancing cheek to cheek.
She's still a part of my life and, sure, it hurts sometimes to think about us not being together in the same way that we once were.
But we saw no one, not even a swineherd driving his pigs into the oak groves about us.
But to imply that this is some kind of permanent or natural state for gay men just furthers the stereotypes and misinformation about us.
All about us one sees the flourishing of a vigorous new illiteracy, widely distributed and attached to muscular incivility and crime.
People on the doorstep were positive about us but the demographics conspired against us.
It's a load of poppycock we hear talked about us, but it's a great motivational tool.
Did these soldiers truly believe the things they were saying about us and were they truly threatened by the fact that we practised our religion?
He mentioned to me a while back about us three fooling around but we never got it on.
There's something about us that when something pretty awful arises from computer errors, we have a quiet gloat!
What would that have said about us as a culture, to get closeup images from a distant planet within the lifetime of its discoverer?
But he has not enthused people enough by offering that extra edge that makes people think positively about us.
They used to talk about us four, that was George VI, the queen mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If they had known about us, you might have felt yourself called upon to conciliate them.
If monsters with no information about us landed, they might perpetrate some massacres with the entirely foolish idea of cowing us.
And at that moment all the people in the palaestra crowded about us, and, O rare!
Pity of his wife, too, gets to be fervidly active with her portrait, fetches her breath about us.
So, you an' bushie jes' set heer on de log, while we look about us fur some grub.
I believe he cares more about that flying frog than he does about us winning a prize, confided the tall lad to his chums.
It is detectable in every utterance of theirs when they are talking about us.
Swallows were flying about us, and the chewink and cuckoo were heard near at hand.
It was proceeding slowly and seemed to be circling about us without approaching.
As we looked the antiaircraft guns, concealed all about us, began firing at it.
The lower light, doubtless, is signaling information about us to the higher.
These committees of the rebel scoundrels have been active for months, all about us.
In our part of the Holarctic, that is, the Nearctic, the familiar birds about us do not nest also in the tropical regions.
We were flying the yellow flag, but a launch came and circled swiftly about us.
We are aware of unbodied emotions about us, of discarnate moods that mock or invite us.
Every spring-fountain of gladness about us is his making and his delight.
Does not a ghastly air, a charnel breath, hover about us both?
The clangor waxed, beat about us with tremendous strokes of sound.
All about us we could hear the felty beat of the raindrops on the soft dust of the farmyard.
Slender purple grasses topped with red and yellow fern-like fronds grew rankly all about us to the height of several feet above my head.
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