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Safflower is simply a safe cooking oil, but pennyroyal is known to have potential abortive effects.
Over the years, I have made abortive attempts at almost every classified form of writing.
The popular Aussie made some abortive attempts at comebacks, with dismal results, and then turned to fulltime television golf commentaries.
More hypocritically still, Missing pursued an abortive licensing agreement with a skateboard company to use his anarchist icon.
I refuse to talk about my abortive attempt at qualifying for the Hanley Cup lest I depress myself even more.
Historically, home treatment for paralytic polio and abortive polio with neurological symptoms wasn't sufficient.
The deletion affected gene yajF with unknown function, but associated with genes involved in phage resistance through abortive infection.
Not uncommonly, squamous differentiation and abortive gland formation is noted.
The most significant of these advances has been in the area of migraine abortive drugs such as sumatriptan.
I also made an abortive attempt at creativity with tin snips and a tin can.
Some of the larger dilated channels exhibit abortive fibrous tufts, which are slender and poorly cellular.
Treatment of basilar migraines should avoid vasoconstrictors, otherwise standard abortive and prophylactic migraine medications are appropriate.
Many contraceptives, such as the coil or the morning after pill, are abortive tools.
The invasion of Egypt was abortive, as was Demetrius' year-long siege of Rhodes Finally the coalition of 315 was reforged.
It is generally reserved for abortive therapy of severe migraines, and rebound headache is unlikely.
Eight inflorescences carried one or two abortive ovaries that turned yellow, instead of green, and dropped off when touched with a probe.
Jaw prehension is common in aquatic frogs, often in combination with abortive tongue protraction, but suction feeding is present only in pipids.
Foreign policy concerns in the 1930s centered on Soviet and German expansionism, which stimulated abortive efforts at Nordic defense cooperation.
We used an earlier, abortive, suicide attempt to show that Sylvia had taken a decision not to commit suicide, for the sake of the children.
The only solace we find is that the result of the abortive poll was nullified.
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Examples from Classical Literature
There had been in the early part of the day an abortive effort at a procession.
And as passive resistance was their attitude, his purging scheme was abortive.
And yet it was ministered to, in a dull and abortive manner, by all who made this feint.
Thus the efforts of Malique proved as abortive as the ravings of his master.
In spite of his efforts it was abortive, and he was compelled to use another.
Thus we describe certain cases as ambulant, abortive, larval and fulminant.
That is abortive that is untimely, that has not been borne its full time, that is immature.
The abortive method consists in cutting short the attack by the administration of colchicum, veratria, or the salicin compounds.
The cup in question would thus seem to have been formed from the connation of two stipules which are ordinarily abortive.
All other measures will prove abortive, and you will depopulate the country.
Sometimes, as in Canna, one of the anther-lobes becomes abortive, and a petaloid appendage is produced.
If he were mad, it was the consequence, and not the cause, of an aimless and abortive life.
To make up for this abortive experiment, he proposed to take her portrait by a scientific process of his own invention.
I proceed, then, from the morning which followed our abortive chase of the convict and our other strange experiences upon the moor.
Those who felt a sympathy for her on account of her good qualities, and others on account of her defects, now made fun of her abortive marriages.
They are abortive births of an imperfect or vitiated instinct.
Earlier Thursday, two men who had been detained for questioning about an abortive car bombing in Belfast were released without charge.
Every attempt to subdue or extirpate them, has proved abortive.
One of these virtuosi seemed to think that I might be an embryo, or abortive birth.
The man regarded his back for a moment, was struck with an idea, began an abortive gesture, sighed, gave it up, and went on also with a depressed countenance.
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