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Government doctors and health care officials abhor postings in rural areas.
Most Austrians and many other Europeans abhor capital punishment as cruel and inhumane.
It is no accident that the surge in idolatrous reality television you so abhor coincided with this call to propaganda.
The act of killing thousands of innocent people is profoundly evil and we rightly abhor it.
They loathe tinsel, detest office parties and abhor rum balls of all kinds.
Another tactic, which I abhor, was to use pepper, chilli or anything to irritate the hounds' noses.
But most abhor rearming with nuclear weapons, which is very unpopular with the general public.
Their money is now being spent to promulgate ideas they abhor to their own children.
Understandably, pension officials abhor the notion of being linked to terrorism, even obliquely.
They say people hereabouts live on quinine during the month of September, and I abhor quinine, and army surgeons, you know are all allopathists.
What could possibly justify our resort to the very means we properly abhor and condemn?
These extremist ideologues abhor the very idea of a government program that works.
They abhor hunters and fishermen, and want animals out of research labs, circuses, and aquariums.
I abhor my father and was relieved to be rid of the burden of his last name.
I abhor unsightly blemishes so I avoid semicolons and parentheses.
Liberals are supposed to abhor that sort of thing and find less loaded terms where they can.
They claim worshipping at graves and shrines is un-Islamic and idolatrous and abhor the Sufi use of music and dance.
With the Kadima coalition, Netanyahu could successfully support an agreement his right wing supporters might abhor.
But politicians abhor a rhetorical vacuum, and they have clamored to fill it.
Make no mistake, as a father I abhor these people with a vengeance.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Many persons would secede on the non-admission of texian States who abhor disunion now.
Those who know the Cantabrigian guerilla respect his power, though they abhor his ways.
I abhor myself, and from this hour, I forswear all woman-kind for your sake.
I should abhor these clandestine correspondences, were they not forced upon me.
For how can they who commit crimes be in good amity with those that abhor them?
The split infinitive I abhor, more as a matter of taste than argument.
I abhor the appalling and moribund monkey language myself, which hasn't had a new noun since the Middle Ages.
It is only for being what is called by that name that I abhor him.
I did abhor those that were in the plot and conspiracy against the King.
Exaggeration I abhor, with whims I have nothing to do, and of quotation I am guiltless.
I came to hate the sight of the steward, to abhor the voice of that harmless man.
If there is anything I mortally abhor, it is a tattler and busybody.
I dont at all like the idea of vaudeville, and I abhor a raffle!
The more I read, the more I was led to abhor and detest my enslavers.
We must also expunge the verse, which tells us how Pluto feared, Lest the mansions grim and squalid which the gods abhor should he seen both of mortals and immortals.
I ABHOR violence and the legacy of suffering it leaves and, temperamentally, I think of myself as a fairly placid person.
All this passed through my mind, and I strove to comfort myself without comfort, indulging in faint and distant hopes of cherishing that life that I now abhor.
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