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Sentence Examples
When a mainsail was set up in the correct place abaft the genoa, the strain on the headsail sheet was observed to rise considerably.
Dropping down abaft the bridge, the first thing to come into view was the funnel.
The first of two hatches to the control room section is immediately abaft the sail, being the main access into the boat.
The carpenter had turned the capstan just abaft the mainmast into a perfectly acceptable desk.
It's when the breeze comes from the side, and slightly abaft of abeam, that a vessel can achieve its fastest point of sail.
The swell was either just abaft or on the beam and at night you couldn't see it.
According to the dictionary, abaft can be used adverbially or prepositionally.
A built-in motor bracket cuts cockpit noise and adds security in big seas from abaft.
With six months' stores, she draws twenty-two foot nine, abaft.
Terry looked abaft himself and saw that the fearsome man had indeed gone.
The blizzard made it impossible to see anything abaft of the bridge.
With this security he had established as his right a caboose abaft the funnel in the midships Bofors gunshield where the gun had been removed.
In those experiments the different models used had varying lengths of parallel middle body distributed equally forward and abaft the midship section.
Examples from Classical Literature
I turned to tompion, who was standing abaft near the helmsman.
Mr Culpepper was abaft, walking by himself, when Bob went up and accosted him.
The fore and main tops are sent up from abaft, and the mizzen from forward.
If it is just abaft the windlass, it will be convenient in case you wish to slip your cable.
At that time we did not know how far we might be abaft the Cape 9of Good Hope.
At night I see the two hold a sort of a collogue abaft the wheel, when I was on my trick at the helm.
At night I see the two hold a sort of collogue abaft the wheel, when I was on my trick at the helm.
The figuration of the main hatch showed a small square, and there was a companion or hatch-cover abaft the mainmast.
He pitched us some breakfast, but he told us not to come abaft the midship compass.
I had them all ready, and went to my desk in my room, just abaft the pilot-house, for them.
There was a capstan just abaft the mainmast, and here the men assembled.
The sound came from abaft his beam and his disquietude increased.
Belay the binnacle and part the ship's periwig abaft the main-mast!
Up with your helm, abaft there, and let her go off square before the wind!
Like the Wave Knight class ships, these vessels can also perform unreps and are capable of refuelling abeam and abaft.
Luxury starts from abaft, and is not wholly lost, even at the fore-peak.
On these days you could make out that ship at a great distance by the multi-coloured grotesque riot going on abaft her mizzen mast.
A spar abaft the fore and main mast, for hoisting the trysail.
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