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The Yahoos, he believes, are the most unteachable brutes in the land.
Instead of driving down the street to meetings, soon Yahoos need merely stroll the walkways that crisscrossed a bright green lawn.
But having two beaming Chief Yahoos on the cover is an implied seal of approval.
Why is it aliens only abduct backwoods yahoos who have jobs like cutting down trees and live in broken-down trailer parks?
Can't we organise a whip-round to buy an island where these counter-Enlightenment yahoos can live without bothering anybody else?
True, it would represent a humiliating surrender to some of the most reactionary yahoos in American society.
When will the Left learn that this is not simply a nation of dimwitted yahoos?
It is incomprehensible that this group of yahoos can, under cover of darkness, set up an ambush for the emergency services.
Doesn't this simply reflect that the soccer hooligans and other yahoos have turned it into a symbol of bigotry?
But there's not much you can do about yahoos or rhetorical hooligans but keep your own head on straight and let them chatter.
The young people, they have no religion, and the yahoos are coming home to roost.
The hippies and yahoos and yippies and SDS students were seen as a real threat to the fabric of society.
Gubu Nation's 311 pages are filled with all manner of uniquely Irish weirdos, gobdaws, sleeveens, gombeens and yahoos.
Notice the condescension toward American soldiers, who are rightly viewed by most people as volunteer members of elite organizations, not as unemployable yahoos.
Unfortunately it also has the most appalling collection of yahoos in English cricket and their drunken antics put Headingley's Test future in some jeopardy.
Many other voters might be inclined to vote Republican, were it not so evidently in the grip of a bunch of yahoos.
It is neither smart nor attractive for liberals, the self-professed champions of the little people, to scorn the vast majority of their fellow citizens as mindless yahoos.
That's all fine and good, but to a group of yahoos serpentining around a grassy knoll taking pots shots at each other, it maybe seems like too much, you know?
Are we still going to see these yahoos on TV this fall, though, saying what a great man he is?
It seems only fair that if the foxes can be hunted by a load of chinless, inbred yahoos with roughly the same IQ as them, they should be allowed to fight back.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And in all cases, he shall preside at and conduct the Grand Council of yahoos.
Swift is in the same class, but Swift enjoyed scarifying his yahoos.
And the Yarmouth yahoos yawned and hastened away in disgust.
How willing and eager the pigmies and yahoos would have been to stone him.
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