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Sentence Examples
The traffic-free Corso Umberto I bisects the town and runs from the massive gates of Porta Messina to the equally impressive Porta Catania.
Porta Nuova is the main business district of Milan, and one of the most important in Italy.
Dedicated to testing knowledge experimentally, the Lyncean Academy boasted among its members Galileo Galilei and Giambattista della Porta.
The train does not empty at Verona Porta Nuova as I hoped it might.
If the gates were not built, the Porta Decumana also became the Porta Quintana.
Ideally a company took 10 tents, arranged in a line of 10 companies, with the 10th near the Porta Decumana.
These are mostly city gates, like the Porta Nigra in Trier or Newport Arch in Lincoln.
On the other side of the praetorium the Via Praetoria continued to the wall, where it went through the Porta Decumana.
If the camp needed more gates, one or two of the Porta Quintana were built, presumably named dextra and sinistra.
Supplies were supposed to come in through it and so it was also called, descriptively, the Porta Quaestoria.
Inscriptions on the Porta Praenestina indicate that Vespasian and Titus repaired the aqueduct shortly after its completion, in AD 71, after a nine-year period of inoperation.
Peter's Basilica, whose successive architects include Bramante, Michelangelo, Giacomo della Porta, Maderno and Bernini, is a renowned work of Renaissance architecture.
Dio Cassius notes the presence of Germans on the slope of the hill behind the camp, where the Porta Quaestoria, the gate where provisions were brought in, would have been.
Among the best known of many surviving portraits are the Augustus of Prima Porta, the image on the Ara Pacis, and the Via Labicana Augustus, which shows him as a priest.
New business districts such as Porta Nuova and CityLife were constructed.
These entered the city in 52 AD and met at the famous Porta Maggiore.
Examples from Classical Literature
Behind the custom-house is a fine piece of the agger and the Porta Viminalis.
We reached the Porta Fodesta, and peremptorily bade the guard to open for us.
The Little Daddy's Porta Jon allows male children to potty train in a way that parallels traditional male urinating position.
Star Real Estate has a two-bedroom apartment for rent in the Pearl Porta Reef tower.
All Rome, in consequence, seemed to be wending p. 182towards the Porta Pia.
Monsieur's resemblance to a person we knew in Corsica, Nina Porta, is really surprising.
Porta Romana features a wide array of lighting, furniture and mirrors with designs based on 20thcentury primitivism art.
However, CET said in its quarterly report that collection problems with RFI led it to suspend work on the Porta Bella project and ultimately lose the contract.
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