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Polymorphic differences occur as selective adaptations to different environments.
However, most Archean volcanic rocks occur as deformed and fault-fragmented packages termed greenstone belts.
Tuberculosis mastitis can occur as primary disease or can be secondary to tuberculosis elsewhere in the body.
The very large pine genomes are highly repetitive, and microsatellite loci also occur as gene families.
Secondary cough headaches can occur as a result of serious problems, including brain tumors and brain malformations.
Granulomas occur as a result of a helper T cell Type 1 protective immune response and are dynamic structures.
In some fractures bordering the clay seams, azurite and malachite occur as masses of alternating, crudely parallel bands.
Acute coronary events occur as a result of rupture of an unstable atheromatous plaque.
Debates sometimes occur as to whether long term investment success is due to luck or skill.
For example, about 80 percent of the world's tin deposits occur as unconsolidated placer deposits in riverbeds and on the seafloor.
About three-quarters of all British cases occur as isolated instances rather than as epidemics.
It all depends how these things actually occur as to whether or not that is an improbability about this account.
Pricing below average or marginal cost might occur as part of a predatory strategy to achieve or maintain market dominance.
Spanish terms are used to describe three different vertical climate zones that occur as elevation increases.
Elections happen on time and votes are accurately counted and peaceable changes of government occur as a matter of unremarkable course.
The deposits occur as veins, vein series, and stockwork zones hosted by hydrothermally altered rocks.
Closure of the ischiopubic synchondrosis is variable and can occur as early as 3 years.
They occur as humid air twists upwards from warm sea water into cooler air above.
These fracture zones occur as parallel layers alternating with cherty lithons, typically 5 mm wide, giving the rock a banded appearance.
Asbestos and asbestiform minerals may occur as a natural accessory mineral in other industrial mineral deposits or rocks.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It may also occur as the amorphous non-poisonous variety, a red opaque infusible substance, insoluble in carbon disulphide.
It may thus occur as a sequel to quittor, complicated sand-crack, suppurating corn, and punctured wounds of the feet.
These occur as thickenings and down-growths of the epithelium into the corium.
The date may sometimes occur as a chronogram, which should not be overlooked.
In aboriginal America also pitch accent is known to occur as a grammatical process.
If so, how is it that Salathiel and Zorobabel occur as father and son in both genealogies?
The protein of the yolk is chiefly in the form of ovovitellin, while the fats occur as palmitin, olein, and stearin.
The language of the ogam inscriptions is very ancient and nearly the same forms occur as in what we know of Old Gaulish.
Melanotic sarcoma may occur as metastatic from an original melano-sarcomatous tumor of the skin or eyeball.
These calcium signals might occur as active efflux from the cell to the exterior or as deregulation of other ion transports.
Now consider all triples of different letters that occur as Vertices of equilateral triangles in the lattice.
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