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By the ninth century, Eastern Slavs began to settle in what are now the Ukraine, Belarus, and the Novgorod and Smolensk regions.
The tale takes place 500 years ago and begins in the house of a Novgorod merchant, where horseman Antti and his wife Anne are serving their master.
In the ninth century, the Varangians were forced to retreat in the face of Slavonic defenders of Novgorod, who were well armed with iron spears and swords.
I left my hometown, Nizhny Novgorod, as a teenager in the midst of perestroika.
Up until his death in 1736 Prokopovich, the Archbishop of Novgorod, remained a stalwart of the Petrine legacy in which he himself had played a pivotal role.
In Kievan Rus', it survived the longest in Veliky Novgorod, probably lasting into the 13th century there.
By the 1860s, Novgorod, Vyatka and Saratov Governorates also had significant accordion production.
The Chronicle of Nestor adds that he preached along the Black Sea and the Dnieper river as far as Kiev, and from there he traveled to Novgorod.
The Russians knew of Novaya Zemlya from the 11th century, when hunters from Novgorod visited the area.
Apart from Ladoga and Novgorod, Gnezdovo and Gotland were major centres for Varangian trade.
Old Norse was spoken in one district of Novgorod, however, until the 13th century.
In 1229, German merchants at Novgorod were granted certain privileges that made their positions more secure.
Denmark had regained control over its own trade, the Kontor in Novgorod had closed, and the Kontor in Bruges had become effectively moribund.
The latter include twelve Russian cities, most notably Novgorod, which was a major Russian trade partner of the Hansa in the Middle Ages.
Then it followed the Volkhov River, upstream past the towns of Staraya Ladoga and Velikiy Novgorod, crossed Lake Ilmen, and up the Lovat River.
Olaf was three years old when they set sail on a merchant ship for Novgorod.
Heimskringla states that after leaving Novgorod, Olaf raided settlements and ports with success.
The order also came into conflict with the Eastern Orthodox Church of the Pskov and Novgorod Republics.
The Scandinavian settlements in Ladoga and Novgorod revived and started to grow rapidly.
It is a strong regional bank headquartered in Nizhniy Novgorod on the Volga River.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Russia had made a remarkable stride forward as a nation since Rurik was invited to Novgorod a quarter-century before.
Upon his return to Novgorod he had a dispute with the vetch, and he left the city.
Novgorod was a town, large for that time, which carried on a brisk trade with Asia.
Oleg ruled over Russia, that is, the plain extending from Kief to Novgorod.
It was he who ruined Kief, and the fall of that city foretold the doom of Novgorod.
Leonidas, successor to Pimen in the archiepiscopate of Novgorod, was sewn up in a bear-skin and worried to death by hounds.
Iaroslaf renounced Novgorod and released the citizens arrested by him.
They are distinguished also by Antony of Novgorod in 1200, Itin.
This commission also the Novgorod man fulfilled, and behold!
The east coast of the Baltic was considered tributary to Novgorod.
Without a struggle Pskov yielded to the fate of her elder sister Novgorod.
On the other hand, many of such belts have been actually found in Novgorodian borderlands and outside the Novgorod princedom.
The death of Andrew was a welcome relief for the people of Novgorod.
Novgorod was not destroyed, but the devastation of the lands of ancient Russia influenced the life of this northern town.
Novgorod is a town in northern Russia astride the River Volkov and on the highway between Moscow and St Petersburg.
The troops again began to move, and two battalions of the Novgorod and one of the Apsheron regiment went forward past the Emperor.
Astelit is an alternative wireless fixed-line telecommunications company providing services to customers in the Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nijny Novgorod and Lipetsk.
The Siberians did well to earn only their second win in five matches when they went to Nizhny Novgorod last time, but they have become inconsistent.
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