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Sentence Examples
If your hair is excessively dry and it does not respond to the above treatments, you may not be eating enough fat.
He that will not respond to its accents, and strain every nerve to carry into effect its provisions, is unworthy of the name of free man.
Since the Truman Doctrine was aimed at Communists everywhere, left-wing parties in Europe did not respond positively to the slight.
Institutional shareholders including arbitrageurs traditionally do not respond to offers up until close to the deadline.
Maybe we do not respond to this study because we are used to having things presented to us in sound bites by talking heads.
Bluetooth allows a device to stay in an undiscoverable mode, where a device does not respond to inquiry scans.
Unless you feel it is from a legitimate company that has made a genuine mistake in mailing you, do not respond to spam email messages.
Instead of reacting to the dolorimeter after seven seconds, you might not respond until nine or 10 seconds.
Though fear raced in tremors through her entire being, she raised her chin and did not respond.
New grass is tender and will not respond well to foot traffic until it matures and thickens.
Travelers should consult a physician if the diarrhea is severe and does not respond to empiric therapy.
For patients who do not respond to conservative treatment, surgery should be considered.
On the downside, it can cause sleeplessness, nervousness and shakiness in people whose bodies do not respond well to it.
In most cases patients did not respond to the usual doses of antipsychotics and sedative agents.
While family members may not respond to these epistles, we do know some of the inside details.
I am looking forward to reading comments on this opinion, but I will not respond to mindless comments that are little more than abuse.
You should probably just ignore it and not respond in a way that would come off as inappreciative.
However, he did not respond to the summons and did not appear at the offices of the prosecutors.
All those who did not respond were contacted by telephone, and the questionnaire was facsimiled a second time.
That was enough to win the match as Tideway could not respond in the second half despite some close calls.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Circe also changed Picus into a bird, when he did not respond to her advances.
No human heart exists, unwarped by self-interest, that does not respond to the poor slave's call for help.
As yet, however, it would not respond when the spark coil was more than one foot away.
The mysterious column of four-letter words, however, did not respond to any methods of translation that I knew.
And he had to be told by her, that Dutchwoman, that his temperament did not respond to hers!
He reached out his hand to touch the control panel, and his arm did not respond.
From it came a heavy rifle and mitrailleuse fire, but we did not respond.
At first she did not respond, but gradually she became more and more uneasy in her sleep, moaning and sighing occasionally.
I looked longingly at the box seat, but he did not respond to the appeal.
But Frieda, listening to classical music, could not respond.
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