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And, back in 2000 we reported on an automated weather station that had been set up at the North Pole and was sending back data.
Admittedly, your meter is wrong, in that ten million meters wouldn't quite get you from the North Pole to the equator via Paris.
However, I do not refuse certificates distributed in airplanes that attest that I've crossed the equator, the North Pole and the Arctic Circle.
This year scientists discovered water instead of ice at the North Pole for the first time ever.
The 12 th Planet will pass between the earth and the sun, approaching from below the elliptic and move in a trajectory towards the North Pole.
Polar bears denning in Norway and Russia near the North Pole carry some of the highest levels of toxic compounds ever found in living animals.
What possessed you to train for a marathon at the North Pole, one of the coldest, most desolate places on Earth?
In the polar world, there are three classic expeditions, the North Pole, the South Pole and the Greenland Ice Cap.
In 1989, he became the first person to fly a helicopter solo, from the North Pole to the South Pole.
The logic of the correction was to visualise a human form straddling the celestial North Pole and orientated with his feet toward the ground.
If there was ever a strip of land closest to the North Pole, then this place would have been it.
Handguns have been to the North Pole, the South Pole, and pretty much everywhere in between.
He's worked on patrol boats in Florida and scuba-dived under the North Pole, but piloting an iceboat still gets his adrenaline pumping.
In past years, a female operator who had been cleared by the shelter authorities was allowed to bring in a rig to contact the North Pole.
The discovery of open water at the North Pole by an ice breaker cruise ship in mid-August 2000 stunned many in the scientific community.
Each child, in turn, sits in front of a microphone beside a ham operator who broadcasts a call to the North Pole.
His 400-mile trek to the Magnetic North Pole, pulling a 70 kg sled, is planned to take about 30 days.
Ten years ago, Pen Hadow vowed to trek to the North Pole alone and unaided.
They aim to reach the Pole in 65 days, by which time they will have covered twice the distance trekked by Hadow in his march to the North Pole.
Being the true North Pole raises the issue of magnetic north and the difference between them.
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I think nothing about it, but his ship is certainly on the road to the North Pole.
There's about as much need of another of that kind as there is of an icehouse at the North Pole.
An' my pal he woke me up one night 'bout twelve o'clock 'n' told me that he was the EMP'rer o' the North Pole.
And you are going to make the North Pole beyond a peradventure.
Hetteen and Johnson then took a quick side trip to the North Pole to present Santa Claus with a special pair of long johns.
They all fly off to the North Pole to enter the Annual Downhill Race, against other snowmen from around the world.
On what ocean did Peary sail on his journey to the North Pole?
You will churn the Atlantic, with the North Pole for a dasher!
We want to have you take us to the North Pole and unwind about six years.
They can't mention the North Pole without gulping in their throats.
If the North Pole is discovered, what difference does it make who does it?
He joins them on an amazing adventure, flying to the North Pole where they join Snowmen and Snowwomen from around the world, and even get to meet Father Christmas.
Fast forward to modern-day Chicago and Fred is a mean-spirited bailiff, happy to steal the goods he's repossessing, while Nick lives in the North Pole making toys.
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