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Please, please keep up the good work exposing the ever-increasing hoards of quacks and charlatans out there.
They smiled, shrugged off our thanks, told us gruffly to keep up the work, and told us to come back sometime, anytime.
If I had tried to keep up the hendecasyllable meter I probably would have gone insane.
The Government are banking on us all being old men who are too tired to keep up the fight, so we have to show them that they are wrong.
And I sincerely hope that the new body will keep up the momentum and emphasis on that.
I find the news and the features so interesting and well written so keep up the good work and best wishes for the next ten years.
The U.S. economy almost certainly won't keep up the third quarter's torrid pace.
If they fail to keep up the GTC's standards, they will lose their licence to teach in state schools.
The quantity and quality of the updates definitely tapers off the busier I am, but I'm always, always glad to keep up the journal.
Mahalo for making it all come alive for me once again and keep up the good work.
Although the British auxiliary ship could not keep up with the smugglers' speedboat, the helicopter was able to keep up the pursuit.
We can now look forward to the final and hope that the lads can keep up the momentum.
I want to wish him all the best and to encourage him to keep up the good work because there are two more to go.
A series of well-placed shots saw her level the scores and keep up the momentum to win the fourth game.
My father-in-law has become quite ill and it's becoming increasingly difficult for my mother-in-law to keep up the house.
Keep up the good fight, and as to the whited sepulchres, keep giving it to them good and hard.
The news was welcomed by traders in the city who have weathered a difficult winter, as they vowed to keep up the momentum.
Please keep up the good work, including your relative distance from the Labor Party hack jackasses.
The key question now is: how to get to the customer focused flow zone and keep up the momentum?
Free schools have been a great success - now let's keep up the momentum for education.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Does it heat so fast as to keep up the ascensive force without intermission, at twenty-five, or twenty, or ten miles the hour?
We determined to keep up the etiquette of refined life in its every ramification.
For thirty years to hold first place And still, unpassed, keep up the pace Pleases a stout, sport-loving race.
Plainly, just so much as the means of life cost which will keep up the worker's strength.
You have to keep up the law when you're a alderman or sher'f. With me, it's different.
When they have gone south, we can cross the Gila, and keep up the Azul or Prieto.
Hence in order to keep up the rotational momentum, which as we have seen must remain constant, the mass must rotate quicker.
The gradual return of the pressure picture means that the vasomotor mechanism has acted to keep up the pulse pressure.
She was knitting that day, finishing a pair of socks for her father, who expected her to keep up the supply dutifully.
Nearest rivals Churchtown FC did their bit to keep up the pressure on their rivals with a win against Carpathian Grizzlies.
And to ply them with that evil still, to keep up the work of demons, is what brings the others back.
Now, that you've been to see me, and have consented to keep up the appearance before Wegg of remaining in it for a time, I have got a sort of a backer.
It seemed hardly possible that by such comparatively small mouthfuls he could keep up the vitality diffused through so broad, baronial, and superb a person.
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