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Yale University set an Ivy League record by accepting only 8.6 percent of its 21,099 applicants.
White women provosts at leading research universities, including Ivy League institutions, are not rarities these days.
Deana was from a hoity-toity family, see, and was all set to attend an Ivy League school of her choice for college.
To gain an Ivy League education while soused suggests a certain intellectual capacity.
And considering my contempt for the Ivy League, I hope, you know, they throw the book at them.
Ivy League teams don't offer scholarships, but Carril's Princeton squads consistently beat major-conference teams stacked with top-shelf talent.
How much of that are you going to risk on your knowledge of Ivy League schools?
When I see someone wearing a formal button-down collar with a tie, I just assume he went to an Ivy League college.
The droll, witty Harvard Lampoon staff, the prime joshers of the Ivy League, have selected People magazine for their next parody effort.
Their only son, Frank, is spending the summer on a boat lobstering before going off to an Ivy League school in the fall.
The acceptance rates for Ivy League schools range from 10 to 31 percent, which are relatively low.
Many successful people who couldn't afford Ivy League schools graduated from city and state colleges.
For some reason, squeaky-clean Ivy League grads don't always make great case officers.
The President was at his ranch pretending to be a farmer when he is in fact an east coast, Ivy League, old money, blue blood.
Talk with the mayor who brings an Ivy League mind and tattooed arms to save Braddock, Pennsylvania.
A lot of Koreans dream about sending their kids to an Ivy League University, so what better preparation, they think, is there than a North American high school?
The College is an institution that opened its doors to those didn't have the financial resources or social connections necessary for admission to the Ivy League.
Ivy League diplomas and military stripes no longer predominate.
Ms Johnson-Sirleaf boasts an Ivy League education and top postings in government and the United Nations, but is handicapped by her association with past failed governments.
In a class full of grinds that sent more than eighty kids on to Ivy League schools each year, he finished first, effortlessly, and sailed through Harvard with equal ease.
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The actress, who graduated from Ivy League rival Yale University in 1985, received an honorary doctor of arts degree.
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