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Sentence Examples
Also, and perhaps most importantly, she posed no threat to the denizens of Grub Street.
He shows how Venice in the sixteenth century had its own Grub Street, like London in the seventeenth and Paris in the eighteenth century.
In the Grub Street of the twenty-first century, books are traded on less and less material, and almost never on complete manuscripts.
But Grub Street, where Gray is concerned, is in shouting distance of Arcadia.
To be sure, there's a lot of cobbling going on in the cyber Grub Street but that's the price we pay for mass production.
This is also an envy free zone because I am so far removed from Grub Street with its horrible toxins.
No longer will Grub Street scribblers have to stare wild-eyed out the window not knowing where the next sentence is coming from.
Many of these writers worked in the shadowy borderland between Academia, Bohemia, and Grub Street.
Meanwhile, literary hacks and Grub Street writers produced popular pot boilers for the masses.
Walpole's hegemony inevitably drew the full fire of Grub Street on his personal position.
All right-thinking lesbians will complain at the close-mindedness shown by the Grub Street sisterhood.
Real-estate expert Julian Hitchcock told Grub Street he expects to see more chain restaurants pop up in New York.
With the passive agreement of the American press, she managed to escape the attention of the American paparazzi and the US equivalent of Grub Street hacks.
His line was that there are people living like parasites in Grub Street while other clean-limbed, honourable fellows are trying to improve the world.
It was Grub Street literature that was most read by the public during the Enlightenment.
Cameron is a good-looking swine and this makes the ageing gargoyles of Grub Street liverish.
Upon the occasion of his first publication he quit his day job, only to find that Grub Street wasn't lined with manors and villas but hovels and slums.
Examples from Classical Literature
No doubt the critics and Grub Street hacks of the day gave him provocation.
He had been along all the pavements of Grub Street, perhaps the most exciting place of breadwinning known to the civilized man.
They are not like Grub Street authors, who write for bread, and are paid by the sheet.
Above these shops resided the Grub Street gentry of the period.
We have only a Grub Street paper of it, but I believe it is true.
Since Dunkirk has been in our hands, Grub Street has been very fruitful.
Pdfr has writ five or six Grub Street papers this last week.
The mashup of a croissant and doughnut was written up and photographed by food blog Grub Street.
He took the road which would lead him to Moorfields and Grub Street.
Such entries include almanacs, bluestockings, circulating libraries, epistolary novels, Grub Street, modernism, Puritanism and so on.
He was not unacquainted with some of the Grub Street scribblers.
How your promptitude tells of a long intimacy with Grub Street!
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