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Eleanor hurried up the stairs to her room and quickly stripped herself of the heavy dress, chemise and corset.
Fred, somehow, manages to be even more absurd than Eleanor, dressed in a skin-tight harlequin outfit that makes him look like a scrawny fool.
Eleanor is sentenced to banishment and Gloucester surrenders the protectorship.
On 1 April 1204, Eleanor of Aquitaine died, and all the lords of her domain rushed to pay homage to the Capetian court of Philip.
Eleanor Coner, convener of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, said she was concerned about over-reliance on an automated system.
The third lion was added by King Henry II to represent the duchy his wife, Eleanor, came from and is called Aquitaine.
Eleanor came to prominence during the 1990s with some highly acclaimed recordings.
He was married to a Plantagenet princess, Matilda, the daughter of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.
It was one mild soft day in December, that my mother persuaded Eleanor to come out with us.
I'm terribly sorry your father and I have been so unobliging, Eleanor, in not perishing in a more timely manner.
Eleanor made sure she was deep enough in the pool before she turned around.
The girl, Eleanor by name, clutched a blanket in one hand as she stumbled down the stairs in footed pajamas.
She, Eleanor, now slept by the hearth in the kitchen, and her apparel was the simple undyed cotton dress that the maids were given to wear.
His gaze alighted on the journalist Eleanor Mills, by chance the stepdaughter of a Cabinet minister.
Eleanor and some of her entourage appeared before the barons dressed as Amazons, declaring their willingness to fight for Christ.
So, all the major streams of the Grail tradition seem to flow from Angevin sources closely connected to Henry and Eleanor.
Eleanor watched him feed the fire and then skewer the fish and immediately set the over the fire.
Each participant received a certificate of participation and a voucher while Eleanor also received a Lions Club Youth awards trophy.
A dedication ceremony was conducted by the station chaplain at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, Squadron Leader Eleanor Rance.
Eleanor O'Gorman and Pat Mulcahy won gold in long jump and high jump respectively.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Eleanor Moore was not in the tea-shop when he entered it, nor did she come into it while he remained there.
Eleanor insisted that John should not inform his mother of her return to work.
One or two friends whose professions had beforetime been profuse, Eleanor met.
If the potpourri was at times redolent of the dried flowers of other men's loves, Eleanor was blissfully unaware of it.
Edward therefore sent for his wife Eleanor in the depth of winter that she might lie-in in Caernarvon castle.
Rosalind not like Beatrice, Eleanor like Beatrice, only wilder and brainier.
But I am afraid, my dear fellow, that I must leave you to a tete-a-tete with Eleanor.
He sent Eleanor a handsome tooled-leather portfolio to hold his letters, which he wrote on loose-leaf sheets and mailed unfolded.
And at that signal Polly and Eleanor focussed their cameras, and began the time exposure of the pictures.
Eleanor looked at them pityingly, and then spoke to the older of the two women.
She thought and lived Scrooge, and as she had a good memory she was word-perfect before Eleanor had thought it possible.
Before him, on her knees in the blood spattered rushes of the floor, knelt Eleanor, Queen of England, alternately chafing and kissing his hands.
Lillian and Eleanor stayed at home to take care of the lodge.
While anchored here, a boat which was astern of the Eleanor was stolen, and a seaman who was in it was killed.
Thats what Ive tried to say to Eleanor, Mrs. Averil murmured.
Then I marvel not,' said Eleanor, in a low, awe-struck voice.
Eleanor arrived at the bookstall almost simultaneously with themselves.
She was right, for they admitted Eleanor who came in buoyantly.
He had tried hard to see Eleanor Moore again, but without success.
He must not lose sight of Eleanor now that he had found her again.
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