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Early spring is the best time to plant asparagus, but late fall is almost as good.
Early spring has brought on crops of wheat and oilseed rape about a month in advance of normal.
Early spring emergence and rapid growth, high palatability and herbage production make the grasslands ideal for grazing and forage production.
Early spring breakers are walking the beaches or stretching their legs on Cashel Mountain.
Early spring awakens with crocus and forsythia, and this is also your cue to take care of moss in the lawn with a spring feed and moss control.
Nothing boosts your spirits in early spring like the first daffodils, tulips or grape hyacinths poking through the ground.
More compact plants result when long branches are pruned back to their junction at a lateral branch during early spring.
The remaining branches can be pruned hard back in early spring when the new shoots begin to show.
It is planned to screen the programme in early spring, possibly as a two-parter.
The invasive biennial garlic mustard utilizes both of these strategies by maintaining a basal rosette during fall, winter, and early spring.
In most cases, early spring grass will contain fairly high levels of carotene and will adequately meet the cow's requirement.
The Mountain Hardwear Trail Gaiter is an above-ankle gaiter perfect for early spring and late fall runs and hikes.
First, in late winter and early spring gently cultivate the soil around the base of the tree with a trowel or hoe.
Because bushes flower in early spring, they may need protection from late-spring frosts in cold climates.
Developing young create a frothy mass commonly known as cuckoo spit on plants in the early spring and summer to hide from predators such as ants.
Winter and early spring are perfect for rhubarb crumble and custard, the sweet pink juices seeping through a golden buttery crust.
In early spring, fragile perennials, such as foxgloves and delphiniums, take center stage.
After days of chilly early spring weather, a brilliant sun warmed the square, where the Pope sat in an armchair shaded by a canopy.
It is at this time that we should especially forage for the early spring greens and vitamin rich edible weeds.
Leave until growth starts in early spring when the young plants can be potted up and grown on before planting out in May.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Within half a block of the streetcar line on Malvern an early spring had encouraged plowing of a 200 foot square garden.
Camellias are also propagated by grafting or inarching in early spring on stocks of the common variety of C. japonica.
This member of a well-known family of early spring flowers is desirable, for its neat habit and verdancy.
It was in the early spring of her second year at Vaucluse that the accident occurred.
The flowers of the heal-all are purple or white and bloom from early spring throughout the summer and fall.
In east, this species predominates in early spring migration whereas the snow goose is most numerous later.
This delicate nemophila haunts wet, springy places among the hills, and is at its best in early spring.
The edges of the paths had green borders that told of corbeil d'Argent in Midwinter, and violets in early spring.
In the early spring of 1784 Diderot had an attack which he knew to be the presage of the end.
Little girls were not allowed to invade the grove except in early spring for trailing arbutus.
Furthermore, pinkie's hat was of the early spring vintage, and the ribbon was faded.
In the first place, you must live in the country, where you can find that early spring flower, the blood-root or sanguinaria.
Such is the grape hyacinth, doubly grateful in this perfection in the time it comes in early spring.
I remember fishing in early spring many years ago while wearing waders made from latex rubber.
In winter and early spring he might generally be found in an earth amongst the rocks at the top of Bull Banks, under Oatmeal Crag.
The north bank has some shelter and the odd fish can be taken there off the surface even in early spring.
The correspondence flourished famously, and letters flew to and fro with unfailing regularity all through the early spring.
Morning glories grow readily from seed sown in pots at around 18C in early spring, provided the seeds are first soaked for 24 hours.
An August sowing will give late winter and early spring flowers.
In the early spring he set out with the bulk of his army to Ecbatana.
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