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Dmitri watched her pale shoulders quiver ever so slightly and felt his own excitement build.
Dmitri Mendeleev's discovery of the periodic law in the late 1860s was a remarkable accomplishment.
The existence of an element with an atomic number of 21 was predicted in 1869 by Dmitri Mendeleev.
Dmitri was thankful that she had not attached any importance to his absence.
The periodic chart developed by Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev showed that an element should be found between neodymium and samarium.
The sensual Dmitri Belogolovtsev is a strong, smooth turner, but his batterie needed polish.
Thaddeus epitomized a Spartan athlete of ancient times, as did his older brother, Dmitri.
And newcomers Dmitri Young and Craig Paquette, who can play the infield and outfield corners, will provide much-needed hitting.
One of the skinnier guys pushed him right over with a hit to his stomach, and immediately joined his buddies in beating Dmitri to a pulp.
Then Nikolai noticed the heron and the duck waddling up the hill behind Dmitri.
Dmitri had been a basso profundo singer, and to this day retains a commanding voice as well as a keen ear.
A sharp rap on his door told Dmitri that Helena had arrived.
Do you remember the scene in which the mayor and his cronies take Dmitri to this desolate place and threaten him with a gun?
Anyway, that probably confused you, but I need to let Dmitri explain the happenings of the first night we stayed in a glorious hotel in the heart of San Francisco.
Hedman filled a void created by Dmitri Kharine's summer contract expiry but the Sweden international is not expected to be just a squad makeweight.
Dmitri poured another cup of coffee and drank it down in two swallows.
When Dmitri visited, he would act as a megaphone, relaying to his mother what her ears could not catch of my kiwi accent.
Gregor muttered something in Tlingit and Dmitri abruptly released him.
A shadow crossed her face at his words and Dmitri became serious again.
His voice sounded unnatural and stilted, but I barely noticed as I thought about making out with Dmitri against the rough bark of the tree in the forest.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Dmitri was seized, his royal garments were torn off, and the caftan of a pastry-cook was placed upon him.
No sooner had they landed than Dmitri ordered all the boats to be cast adrift.
The czaritza, mother of Dmitri, who had first incited the mob, was forced to take the veil.
Somebody said you just had a scramble with old Dmitri himself.
The tarantass was occupied by Dmitri Ivanovitch and a cousin.
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