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Can you tell me anything about this supposed folklore hero that's risen from the dead to lead them to independence?
I try not to step on ants or swat bees so hard that they fall dead to the ground.
Just before he was guillotined he made a speech vowing that he would return from the dead to punish his captors.
Ten minutes later, I was dead to the world yet again, buried deep beneath my warm comforter and cotton sheets.
For the hundredth time, she glances over to the bed, where Frank has been lying in a medicated sleep, dead to the world.
My Grandma is usually in bed by eight thirty, dead to the world by eight forty five.
They were still in the city centre and at this time of the evening every building looked empty and dead to Alexa's desperately searching eyes.
He was taken to the morgue at Denpasar General Hospital, where he searched the dead to locate missing soldiers.
We know cryonics is the nutcase science of hyperfreezing cadavers in hopes that someday there will be a way to bring the dead to life.
Dozens of miracles and curses will allow you to wreak havoc on your enemies or even raise them from the dead to fight for you.
He gave them weights and measures, taught them all arts, and escorted the dead to Hades.
Analysis of chamise, sampled from southern California shrublands, indicates that the ratio of dead to live components is not related reliably to age of shrub canopy.
Before the night clerk left us we were as dead to this world and its sorrows as Gog and MaGog.
I know Logan falls asleep within 3 minutes because when I try to discuss things which bother me 4 minutes after turning off the light, he's dead to the world.
Hadn't we seen other teams come back from the dead to make progress?
The project made me ask, how do you avoid reducing the dead to thumbnail profiles?
I turn my back for a moment, and when I return, Terry is lying on the floor of the van in the foetal position, motionless and silent, dead to the world.
He was dead to the world and would probably never know what he had done.
Principals and teachers from the affected schools arrived at the scene and waited with parents at the hospital and at the mortuary for the dead to be identified.
After cremation the Khasi take the ashes of their dead to the clan cinerarium.
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Examples from Classical Literature
They were dead to the world, and willing to be accounted as the dung and offscouring of all things, so that they might win Christ.
The obol referred to is the small coin placed between the lips of the dead to pay the toll to the ferryman of Hades.
It will be as if he rose from the dead to tell us what he thinks of our doings.
From this view of the dead to the deification of the latter is but a short step.
They must have been the last flickerings of a conscience not quite dead to all sense of perfidiousness and fickleness.
When you find a crapaud who is dead to rights, he is always an out and outer.
The man was stretched on the pavement brutishly drunk and dead to the world.
I am as dead to the life I once lived as if the Styx rolled between it and me.
Beauty is the key that unlocks the secrets of the frozen world, and brings the dead to life again.
No, she did not, tho one should rise from the dead to swear it.
The objection to conforming to usages that have become dead to you is that it scatters your force.
A DAIRYMAN played dead to save himself after one of his cows went berserk and attacked him.
To all intents and purposes they were dead to each other, from those early days to the present time.
But he, who would henceforth be dead to his native land, would have no epitaph save scornful and vindictive words.
Ought he not to be dead to all the weaknesses of this world?
I was dead to the world and if Attila Sekerlioglu hadn't given me a shake I'd still have been sleeping when the game kicked off.
An' a better man than them, that I love, layin' there dead to the world with a skinned face on the mat.
Dodgers catcher Russell Martin had Holliday dead to rights and threw to third.
She says she caught yer dead to rights, huggin' a bunch o' calico in de hot-house.
She was a limpet, with the sensitive side of her stuck to a rock, for ever dead to the rush of fresh and beautiful things past her.
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