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In addition, Cabal and each member of the family, including the nanny, had an identity card in a false name from the Republic of Uruguay.
But to generalize from there to a secret cabal of Muslims in the military poised for terrorist action is more than a little bit of a stretch.
If there is in existence a genuine cabal of intrigue and perfidy, the logical targets of such accusations were surely the members of the regime.
It is a coerced transfer of income from consumers and foreign businesses to a small, politically active cabal of domestic businesses.
There is no possibility of a centralized cabal that could appoint people of only one political coloration.
But there is always a sense of foreboding on such occasions because of the secretive, mafia-like management by a cabal of political operators.
They all contend that the world is being secretly ruled by a shadowy cabal from inside a secret room.
A cabal of developers and architect-engineers has produced a plan to redevelop the docklands on Istanbul's Asian shore.
This angers a cabal of evil businessmen, who somehow are profiting from the bad times, so they conspire to bring the new agency down.
At this point He could be fairly accused of being a cabal of anti-car puritans.
Indeed, I would argue that the King is the absent thing at work in this literary cabal, hidden by its very conspicuousness.
Observe as a cabal of billionaires cadges an election and takes over the country, waging war and short-sheeting the citizenry.
But as a member of the inner cabinet or cabal, his judgement seems less good than his spirit.
The resulting feud ravaged the Australian side of the 1930s and 1940s until Bradman finally purged O'Reilly's cabal.
Polluters use the term freely, hinting about a dark cabal of devious greens plying the fear trade for personal gain.
In fact, if drug reformers gain enough political power to threaten the drug-war cabal, an alliance between the two to repress youths is inevitable.
The power of the Cabal waned and that of Clifford's replacement, Lord Danby, grew.
The arms dealer sells it to a mysterious neo-Nazi cabal, which then detonates it in Baltimore.
In Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who swept to power on an election ticket of uncompromising Islamism, the cabal of conservative mullahs have a president to their liking.
It has now leant its name to a shadowy cabal known within the German meat-processing industry as the Atlantic group.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The cabal which gathered head against Bajazet could only whisper its malignities when mithridate appeared.
One of them had something pungent but just enough to say about Lee and izard and the cabal for removing Temple.
Ravick seemed to have gotten the idea that Joe Kivelson was the mastermind of the hunters' cabal against him.
As a foundation of their scheme, the cabal have established a sort of Rota in the Court.
But a few months before she came to the editor, she said, a cabal had been established against her in her mother house.
Some urged Adams to overthrow the Hamiltonian cabal which opposed him.
People denounced the Austrian cabal, and the queen as its centre.
By this plan several important ends are answered to the cabal.
No spider ever took more pains to repair the shattered meshes of his web, than did Waldemar Fitzurse to reunite and combine the scattered members of Prince John's cabal.
But the Subalterns' and Captains' ladies cabal against her a good deal.
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