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These were the four great schools of Tibetan Buddhism, which will be introduced below.
But 21st century Buddhism will be left behind as a museum piece if we do not harness ourselves to the new technologies and the Internet.
I am still reading the book on Buddhism, though I'll admit to having slacked off in the last couple of days.
Individuality is lost in the reunion with God, but without the total self-annihilation of Buddhism.
Jainism is different than Hinduism or Buddhism in that it is not possible for a layman to attain Nirvana without strict self-deprivation.
Although some scholars doubt the historicity of this debate, it epitomizes the rejection of Chinese forms of Buddhism by the Tibetans.
He said there are approximately 150 Tibetan Buddhist groups and more than 500,000 believers in Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan.
She left a number of wonderful books about her adventures and her treatises on Tibetan Buddhism as a religious doctrine.
What I found especially helpful was a discussion of Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama, put into a wider context.
So we refer today to Japanese Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism.
The second most prominent spiritual leader in Tibetan Buddhism is the Panchen Lama, followed by the Karmapa Lama.
To begin with, what feature of Tibetan Buddhism do you think differentiates it from other types of Buddhism or other spiritual paths?
Mahamudra, the practice of looking directly at the mind, is the pinnacle of meditation and study in the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.
He is considered the No.3 leader of Tibetan Buddhism after the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama.
According to Tibetan Buddhism, the universe is populated by a vast array of enlightened and unenlightened beings.
All walks of life watched this Buddhist reincarnation espouse the basic tenets of Tibetan Buddhism.
In my analysis of this tripartite division I shall identify the rational soul with the ego, or self-obsessed reactive mind of Buddhism.
Although Buddhism originated in India it now flourishes predominantly in other parts of Asia.
The final development in Indian religious thinking, in a time just before Buddhism, was that of monotheistic belief.
Miserliness and wastefulness are equally deplored in Buddhism as two degenerate extremes.
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