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When some of Tiberius's ships were carried to Britain in a storm during his campaigns in Germany in 16 AD, they came back with tales of monsters.
During this time, the Emperor Nero considered withdrawing Roman forces from Britain altogether.
As civil war raged in Rome, weak governors were unable to control the legions in Britain, and Venutius of the Brigantes seized his chance.
In the following years, the Romans conquered more of the island, increasing the size of Roman Britain.
For much of the history of Roman Britain, a large number of soldiers were garrisoned on the island.
Increasing numbers of hoards of buried coins in Britain at this time indicate that peace was not entirely achieved.
Severus soon purged Albinus's sympathisers and perhaps confiscated large tracts of land in Britain as punishment.
The Angles were one of the Germanic tribes that settled in Great Britain during the Early Middle Ages.
The traditional view is that northern Britain descended into anarchy during Albinus's absence.
He consolidated control over all the provinces of Britain and some of northern Gaul while Maximian dealt with other uprisings.
The many Indian restaurants all over Britain are a by-product of the large waves of immigration from the subcontinent.
Constantine then successfully used Britain as the starting point of his march to the imperial throne, unlike the earlier usurper, Albinus.
Great Britain provided the legal and cultural foundations that enabled entrepreneurs to pioneer the industrial revolution.
There is recorded evidence, for example, of Germanic auxiliaries supporting the legions in Britain in the 1st and 2nd centuries.
Each legion in Britain had a commander who answered to the governor and in time of war probably directly ruled troublesome districts.
Colchester was probably the earliest capital of Roman Britain, but it was soon eclipsed by London with its strong mercantile connections.
During their occupation of Britain the Romans founded a number of important settlements, many of which still survive.
There were two main values that really drove the Industrial Revolution in Britain.
The Catuvellauni were a Celtic tribe or state of southeastern Britain before the Roman conquest, attested by inscriptions into the 4th century.
The sea level was lower than now and Britain was connected by land bridge to Ireland and Eurasia.
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