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Henry of Blois, now acting as papal legate, openly went over to the Empress's side and in the summer she was able to enter London.
I must ask of you to take a small body of picked men, and ride forth towards Blois, and see what bechances there.
Theobald's younger brother, Stephen of Blois, quickly crossed from Boulogne to England, however, accompanied by his military household.
Theobald of Blois, his close ally, may have also felt that he was in favour with Henry.
You will be surprised, I don't question, to find among your correspondencies in foreign parts, a letter dated from Blois.
With the help of his brother, Henry of Blois, he seized power in England and was crowned king on 22 December.
However, upon Henry I's death, the throne was seized by Matilda's cousin, Stephen of Blois.
Before naming Matilda as heir, however, he had been in negotiations to name his nephew Stephen of Blois as his heir.
To the north, it bordered on Bretagne, Anjou, Blois and Bourbonnais, all of which had passed to the kingdom of France by the 13th century.
Further south, Theobald V, the Count of Blois, an enemy of Louis, became another early ally of Henry.
War broke out after Henry returned to Normandy with an army to support Theobald of Blois, who was under attack from Louis.
Despite his plans for Matilda, the King was succeeded by his nephew, Stephen of Blois, resulting in a period of civil war known as the Anarchy.
Instead, Stephen, younger brother of Theobald II, Count of Blois, seized the throne.
No assistance was provided by the Byzantines who had been told by the deserting Stephen of Blois that the cause was lost.
For the next three years he visited Blois, Poitiers, Tours, Italy, and Spain.
He may have considered Stephen of Blois as a possible option and, perhaps in preparation for this, he arranged a beneficial marriage for Stephen to a wealthy heiress, Matilda.
The Norman nobility discussed declaring Theobald of Blois king.
In 1159, William of Blois died without an inheritance, he was Stephen's last son, leaving the titles of Count of Boulogne and Count of Mortain vacant.
The Emperor and the Count of Blois then went to war over his succession.
Examples from Classical Literature
He seems, however, to have had trouble with his seigneur GUI de Blois, and even to have resigned his chaplaincy.
Raoul followed the well-known road, so dear to his memory, which led from Blois to the residence of the Comte de la Fere.
And so I pushed on to Blois with my knaves close at my heels.
The physician, seeing the incontestable improvement, returned to Blois, after having ordered some prescriptions, and declared that the comte was saved.
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