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Hartge warned me not to push it hard everywhere, as the brakes would burn out faster than a Big Brother loser's media career.
But before xeroxing the format to Survivor or Big Brother, shouldn't our production houses look at creatively capturing the Indian milieu?
The Big Brother housemates have chosen two unlucky plebs who face eviction on Friday.
The heaven housemates also enjoyed a silent disco, and listened to music through headphones provided by Big Brother.
Far from providing a break from run of the mill TV, Big Brother follows the same pat formulas.
Unlike Big Brother, it doesn't ask ordinary people to jump through hoops to make them appear more interesting.
If success for a television show is bums on seats, then Survivor beat Big Brother fair and square in this summer's ratings battle.
Big Brother was populated with thinly veiled, needy egos desperate to be noticed so that they could hide their distinct lack of character.
But hey, if the Big Brother contestants demonstrate anything, it's that it takes all sorts to make a world.
Imagine if the current contestants of Big Brother were asked to interpret the teachings of Allah?
Orwell's Big Brother was merely a face on the hoardings, a voice on the telescreen.
While Goody did not win Big Brother 3, she was in the house long enough for her gobby nature and malapropisms to generate public affection.
She won't win Celebrity Big Brother, but we'd like her to stay in the house long enough to finish her meltdown.
If you are already groaning with boredom at the mere hint of another mention of Big Brother, I'm sorry about that.
The Big Brother had the tortellini with piquillo pepper, chorizo and served in a Parmesan cream sauce.
The Big Brother housemates have almost squandered a quarter of a mil through sheer stupidity.
This dystopian world is controlled by a mythical supreme ruler, called Big Brother.
There is a danger of a Big Brother type society but to be honest I think we already have that and we just have to live with it.
A firm has been keeping a close eye on its workers with a Big Brother style charity event.
Well-established Australian citizens would agree to act as a Big Brother to a Little Brother from their homeland.
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At three her Big Brother, yawning sleepily back in his nightclothes, picked her up bodily and dumped her into her bed.
North East Big Brother contestant Anthony Hutton refused to get involved in the housemates' sniping.
The leotards for Big Brother were made skintight to make housemates like Pete Burns and George Galloway look as stupid as possible.
And immediately I thought of S Tapper Jones, Cardiff's Town Clerk from 1942 to 1970, surely the inspiration for Orwell's Big Brother.
Last night, musclewoman Jodie Marsh set the Celebrity Big Brother stars a set of special body-building tasks.
A warrant demanding the 24-year-old from Crosby pays PS1,414 he allegedly owes his former landlord David Dowle has now been sent to the Big Brother House.
The controversial writer and broadcaster, famed for his waspish putdowns, appeared on TV shows such as Have I Got News for You and Celebrity Big Brother.
All of the inclusions have been explicitly designed to promote the atmosphere of control perpetuated by Big Brother and their appointed controlling housemate.
Known for his cut-glass accent and waspish wit, he won legions of fans guesting on TV shows such as Have I Got News for You and Celebrity Big Brother.
But now, whether you're Manchester United or Mansield, you're as likely to get booed for conceding a throw-in as a freshly evicted Big Brother contestant.
Big Brother hopeful Michelle has admitted only her on-screen lover Stuart's modesty has stopped the pair sleeping together in the reality TV house.
The Orkneys, thrust into the national spotlight recently after Big Brother was won by teetotal local boy Cameron Stout, were just ahead of the Shetlands.
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