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Sentence Examples
At a steady trot, I made good progress, coming to the torii by the Kohyaku River by midday.
In between times, he has plugged away at a steady pace, approaching his work with a measured, thorough approach more dogged than dashing.
Freezing must be accomplished slowly and at a steady rate to maintain the structural integrity of the skin.
They rode at a steady pace, their horses' clip-clop sounds in cadence with each other.
Thankfully, the film clips along at a steady pace and never really gets boring.
Imagine you are standing on a dock, watching a sailing ship move at a steady rate along a river.
During the day we sailed with the prevailing northerly, the small vessel cutting through the water at a steady clip.
A gossamer thread issues from her enormous abdomen at a steady clip, wound by a motor onto a revolving spindle.
The elder enters at a steady pace, breezing by the young chefs on his way through the kitchen.
Two sets of prints show adults, probably a male and female, walking in tandem at a steady and deliberate pace.
The horse was moving at a steady gallop, hooves kicking up tufts of dirt and grass.
The Ouse has been at a steady level for most of the week and still carries a tinge of colour and flow.
The work is progressing at a steady rate and should be completed on schedule.
The deer taught her how to run, and keep running for miles at a steady pace.
Sabrina swayed gently with the canter, her mother watching Sabrina's every move, as she kept the Clydesdale on the lunge line at a steady pace.
So, after a peek at the paintings and assemblages in the local art gallery we set off at a steady pace half-expecting to meet them.
With a last look at the towering column of black smoke, he followed Jordan, running at a steady lope through the woods.
True flyers can thus move horizontally or even ascend at a steady speed, unlike gliders and parachutists.
Driving the route at a steady speed and recording the time on a digital stopwatch leaves a simple calculation to get the speed.
We carried on walking at a steady pace, turned another corner and stopped at a pale green door.
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Examples from Classical Literature
A crude affair, a conveyor belt system, running at a steady seventy-five miles per hour, carrying only ore and freight.
Dozier kept Gray Peter at a steady pace, never varying his gait.
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