8-letter words ending with EE

Looking for 8-letter words ending with EE? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.
Words Found
abductee absentee
acquiree allottee
appellee arrestee
assessee assignee
attendee attritee
axletree banoffee
batteree borrowee
buckshee camporee
carefree chivaree
conferee departee
deportee designee
detailee detainee
disagree divorcee
dungaree educatee
embarkee employee
endorsee enlistee
enrollee etouffee
examinee exoneree
expellee filagree
filigree germfree
greegree honeybee
honouree indorsee
inductee infectee
informee internee
jamboree kedgeree
kidnapee kiskadee
licensee lintfree
mentoree narratee
negligee observee
overfree patentee
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