8-letter words containing the letters E, H and X

Looking for 8-letter words containing the letters E, H and X? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.
Words Found
anthelix cachexia
cathexes cathexis
chapeaux chateaux
checkbox exahertz
exanthem exarchal
exchange exhalant
exhaling exhausts
exhibits exhorted
exhorter exhumate
exhuming existeth
exophora exorheic
exotherm foxholes
haruspex hatboxes
hayboxes hexacore
hexagons hexagram
hexalogy hexamine
hexanoic hexapods
hexapole hexeract
hexomino hexosans
hoaxster homeobox
horsebox oxhearts
pixieish sixtieth
sphexide sphinxes
thoraxes vixenish
waxheads xanthate
xanthein xanthene
xanthide xanthine
xanthone xenolith
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