8-letter words containing the letters A and F

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8-letter Words
aardwolf abfarads
abuseful adfected
aerified aerifies
aeriform aerofoil
afearing afebrile
affaires affeared
affeares affected
affecter affeered
afferent affiance
affiants affiches
affinely affining
affinity affirmed
affirmer affixers
affixial affixing
afflated afflatus
afflicts affluent
affluxes affoords
afforced afforces
afforded afforest
affrayed affrayer
affright affronte
affronts affusion
afghanis afikoman
afikomen aflutter
aftereye aftersun
aftertax afterwar
agraffes aimfully
aircraft airfares
airfield airflows
airfoils airforce
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