13-letter words containing the letters A, A, D, P and R

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13-letter Words
adiaphoristic Afrodiasporas
Afrodiasporic aldermanships
anaphrodisiac anaphrodisias
antiapartheid antipredators
aperiodically aphrodisiacal
apprehendable bandspreading
cardinalships cardiographer
cardiographic cardiopathies
cardioplegias cardsharpings
cathodographs cathodography
clapperboards clapperclawed
dactylography deaspirations
demographical depauperating
dermatography dermatoplasty
deuteranopias diaphanometer
diaphoretical diaphragmatic
digraphically disapparelled
disappearance disparagement
disparagingly disparateness
draftsmanship drapabilities
endoparasites endoparasitic
exasperatedly gladiatorship
graduateships grandparental
guardianships haphazardness
haphazardries Hartlepudlian
hydnocarpates hydropathical
ideographical lampadephoria
macropinakoid maxillipedary
metanephridia orthopaedical
padparadschas paediatrician
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