Words containing pave

Looking for words containing pave? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.
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absorptive adaptive
adaptively adoptive
adsorptive anticipative
anticompetitive appellative
appellatives apperceptive
appetitive applicative
appointive appositive
appreciative appreciatively
appreciativeness apprehensive
apprehensively apprehensiveness
approbative approve
approved approves
approximative aspersive
assumptive campervan
capacitive captivate
captivated captivatedly
captivates captive
captives comparative
comparatively comparatives
compensative contemplative
contemplatively contemplativeness
contemplatives contraceptive
contraceptives contrapositive
contrapositives cooperative
cooperatively cooperativeness
cooperatives copulative
corporative davenport
davenports depravation
deprave depraved
depravedly depraves
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