What is the opposite of like?

What's the opposite of like? Here's a list of antonyms for this word.
churlishness, malignancy, hatred, biliousness, disgust, enmity, xenophobia, distaste, ill will, disfavor, grudgingness, nasty look, unfriendliness, malice, spitefulness, grudge, bile, hatred; hard feelings, malcontentment, queasiness, bad opinion, sense of injury, doghouse, truculency, astringency, prejudice, peeve, pugnacity, sore point, nastiness, dudgeon, ruthlessness, displeasure, hatefulness, querulousness, hardness of heart, dyspathy, pique, slow burn, contemptuousness, malevolence, viciousness, dissatisfaction, animosity, revengefulness, oppugnancy, abhorrence, contempt, bad feeling, despisement, odium, superbity, having no use for, onesidedness, inimicality, thing about, hostility, nauseousness, bad will, ill-will, cold sweat, maliciousness, nausea, crankiness, unwillingness, umbrage, harsh feeling, lack of enthusiasm, virulency, ill feeling, infuriation, unpopularity, antipathy, uncharitableness, hate, malignity, antagonism, repugnance, rancor, black beast, milt, loathing, disapprobation, jaundiced eye, virulence, warpath, ill feelings, retching, horror, disesteem, hesitance, truculence, revulsion, aversion, flare up, ill humor, militance, disdain, illiberality, despisal, squeamishness, eschewal, malignance, tizzy, allergy to, narrow-mindedness, downs, no use for, phobia, incensement, acrimony, spite, narrowmindedness, hang up, loathness, unkindness, bone to pick, regurgitation, no love lost, repulsion, high dudgeon, spleen, fretfulness, snobbishness, lack of desire, envy, militancy, cat fit, dispprobation, uncordiality, hangup, disinclination, sores, disaffection, invidiousness, dislike, detestation, fear, hissy fit, nauseation, lamentation, prejudgment, ill temper
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