What is the opposite of giving?

What's the opposite of giving? Here's a list of antonyms for this word.
wreakful, hard-hearted, tight-fisted, zipping one's lips, linear, vindictive, clamming up, receiving, stiff-necked, feller, across the street, unkind, tight, unyielding, small time, cozy with, retaliatory, ensurient, choky, padlocked, sweltry, close-grained, hard as nails, set in one's ways, hard shell, hard core, in spitting distance, skintight, self-willed, buddy buddy, on the QT, small, stale-smelling, pennypinching, buddy-buddy, coldblooded, ruthless, self-interested, inward-looking, small-fry, stubborn, buttoning up, exacting, tigerish, swinish, inhuman, on the Q. T., close, toyer, miserly, hard line, cold-blooded, ironfisted, small fry, hard by, nit-picking, small-scale, brutal, wrapped up with oneself, demoniac, covetous, watertight, iron-fisted, prehensile, under one's nose, incapacious, narrow, runty, on ego trip, mini, near-at-hand, thick as thieves, shrimper, shrimp, on top of each other, merciless, harsh, heartless, coldhearted, having a swelled head, wolfish, stuck on oneself, dead set on, impliable, niggardly, hermetically sealed, nasty, by the book, on an ego trip, self-centered, close-fitting, close-lipped, give or take a little, steely, brutish, matter of fact, uncalled for, bitty, pocket-sized, locked in, ferocious, dog eat dog, kissing cousins, without pity, unventilated, inhumane, pint-sized, hardboiled, thick with, around the corner, proofer, immalleable, unforthcoming, hardline, stopped up, making it with, tight chops, in the ball park, savage, unswayable, cruel, mean machine, ravening, ferine, having a killer instinct, mingy, stony-hearted
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