What is the meaning of the word traverse?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word traverse? Here are some definitions.
Meanings & Definitions
  1. traversing something
  2. sideways movement, series such movements, across rock face from line ascent descent another
  3. place where movement this type necessary
  4. movement following diagonal course made skier descending slope
  5. zigzag course followed ship because winds currents prevent from sailing directly toward destination
  6. part structure that extends fixed across something
  7. gallery extending from side side church other building
  8. mechanism enabling large turned face different direction
  9. sideways movement part machine
  10. single line survey, usually plotted from compass bearings chained paced distances between angular points
  11. tract surveyed this
  12. pair right-angled bends incorporated trench avoid enfilading fire
  13. Travel across or through
  14. Extend across or through
  15. Cross hill mountain means series sideways movements
  16. diagonally across (a slope), with only slight descent
  17. Consider discuss whole extent (a subject)
  18. Move (something) back forth sideways
  19. Turn (a large other device pivot) face different direction
  20. (of such device) turned this
  21. Deny (an allegation) pleading
  22. Oppose thwart (a plan)
  23. (of curtain rod) Allowing curtain opened closed sliding along
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