What is the meaning of the word stuff?

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Meanings & Definitions
  1. matter, material, articles, activities specified indeterminate kind that being referred to, indicated, implied
  2. person's belongings, equipment, baggage
  3. worthless or foolish ideas, speech, or writing; rubbish
  4. drink or drugs
  5. things which knowledgeable experienced; one's area expertise
  6. basic constituents characteristics something someone
  7. woolen fabric, especially distinct from silk, cotton, linen
  8. (in sports) spin given ball make vary course
  9. pitcher's ability produce spin ball control speed delivery pitch
  10. fill (a receptacle space) tightly with something
  11. force cram (something) tightly into receptacle space
  12. hastily clumsily push (something) into space
  13. fill (the cavity item food) with savory sweet mixture, especially before cooking
  14. fill (oneself) with large amounts food
  15. fill skin (a dead animal bird) with material restore original shape appearance
  16. fill (envelopes) with identical copies printed matter
  17. place bogus votes (a ballot box)
  18. (of man) have sexual intercourse with (someone)
  19. defeat heavily sport
  20. used express indifference toward rejection (something)
  21. said vague reference additional things similar nature those specified
  22. (of person) have one's nose blocked with mucus result cold
  23. said anger tell someone away expression contempt
  24. said express indifference, resignation, rejection
  25. said approval what just been done said
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