What is the meaning of the word spike?

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Meanings & Definitions
  1. a thin, pointed piece of metal, wood, or another rigid material
  2. large stout nail, especially used fasten rail railroad
  3. each several metal points into sole athletic shoe prevent slipping
  4. pair athletic shoes with metal points into sole
  5. a hypodermic needle
  6. sharp increase magnitude concentration something
  7. pulse very short duration which rapid increase voltage followed rapid decrease
  8. impale pierce with sharp point
  9. injure (a player) with spikes one's shoes
  10. (of newspaper editor) reject (a story) filing spike
  11. stop the progress of (a plan or undertaking); put an end to
  12. render (a gun) useless plugging vent with spike
  13. form into cover with sharp points
  14. take sharp, pointed shape
  15. increase and then decrease sharply; reach a peak
  16. alcohol drug contaminate (drink food) surreptitiously
  17. sharp pungent flavoring (food drink)
  18. enrich (a nuclear reactor fuel) with particular isotope
  19. (in volleyball) (the ball) forcefully from position near that moves downward into opposite court
  20. fling (the ball) forcefully ground, typically celebration touchdown
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