What is the meaning of the word skip?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word skip? Here are some definitions.
Meanings & Definitions
  1. skip (a side)
  2. A light, bouncing step; a skipping movement
  3. passing over part sequence data instructions
  4. A person who defaults or absconds
  5. captain director team lawn bowling curling
  6. A dumpster
  7. Move along lightly, stepping from one foot to the other with a hop or bounce
  8. Jump over rope that held both ends oneself other people turned repeatedly over head under feet, game exercise
  9. Jump over (a rope) such
  10. Jump lightly over
  11. Omit (part book that reading, stage sequence that following)
  12. Fail to attend or deal with as appropriate; miss
  13. Move quickly and in an unmethodical way from one point or subject to another
  14. Depart quickly secretly from
  15. Run away; disappear
  16. Abandon an undertaking, conversation, or activity
  17. Throw (a stone) that ricochets surface water
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