What is the meaning of the word received?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word received? Here are some definitions.
Meanings & Definitions
  1. given, presented with, paid (something)
  2. Take delivery (something sent communicated)
  3. accept goods knowledge that they have been stolen
  4. Detect pick (broadcast signals)
  5. Form (an idea impression) result perception experience
  6. (in tennis similar games) player whom server serves (the ball)
  7. (in Christian services) drink (the Eucharistic bread wine)
  8. Consent formally hear (an oath confession)
  9. Serve receptacle
  10. Suffer, experience, subject (specified treatment)
  11. Respond to (something) in a specified way
  12. Meet with (a specified response reaction)
  13. Widely accepted authoritative true
  14. Meet have withstand
  15. Greet welcome (a visitor) formally
  16. visited
  17. Admit member
  18. Provide space accommodations
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