What is the meaning of the word push?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word push? Here are some definitions.
Meanings & Definitions
  1. exert force (someone something), typically with one's hand, order move them away from oneself origin force
  2. hold exert force (something) cause move along front
  3. move one's body part into specified position, especially forcefully with effort
  4. press (a part machine other device)
  5. cause reach particular level state
  6. move forward using force pass people cause them move aside
  7. (of army) advance over territory
  8. exert oneself attain something surpass others
  9. demand persistently
  10. compel urge (someone) something, especially work hard
  11. have very little something, especially time
  12. nearly (a particular age)
  13. promote the use, sale, or acceptance of
  14. forward (an argument demand) with undue force extreme form
  15. sell (a narcotic drug) illegally
  16. prepare (a stack) receive piece data
  17. transfer (data) stack
  18. develop (film) compensate deliberate underexposure
  19. exerting force someone something order move them away from oneself
  20. pressing part machine device
  21. something that encourages assists something else
  22. vigorous effort obtain something
  23. military attack force
  24. forcefulness and enterprise
  25. dismissed (or dismiss someone) from
  26. rejected (or end) relationship
  27. take risk assumption that will continue successful favor
  28. when must commit oneself action decision
  29. proceed with continue course action policy
  30. go away ; depart
  31. treat someone roughly or inconsiderately
  32. oar, boathook, etc., exert pressure move boat from shore away from another vessel
  33. continue journey
  34. proposed measure completed accepted quickly
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