What is the meaning of the word position?

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Meanings & Definitions
  1. place where someone something located been
  2. location where someone something should ; correct place
  3. place where part military force posted strategic purposes
  4. particular which someone something placed arranged
  5. game chess, configuration pieces pawns board point
  6. particular location hand fingerboard stringed instrument
  7. particular location slide trombone
  8. arrangement constituent notes chord
  9. situation circumstances, especially that affects one's power
  10. a job
  11. state being placed where advantage over one's rivals competitive situation
  12. person's place rank relation others, especially competitive situation
  13. high rank social standing
  14. (in team games) functions considered responsibility particular player based location which they play
  15. person's particular point view attitude toward something
  16. investor‘s holdings more markets particular time ; status individual institutional trader’s open contracts
  17. a proposition laid down or asserted; a tenet or assertion
  18. arrange (someone something) particular place
  19. promote (a product, service, business) within particular sector market, fulfillment that sector's specific requirements
  20. portray regard (someone) particular type person
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