What is the meaning of the word law?

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Meanings & Definitions
  1. system rules that particular country community recognizes regulating actions members enforce imposition penalties
  2. individual rule part system
  3. systems subject study basis legal profession
  4. thing regarded having binding force effect formal system rules
  5. the police
  6. statutory law and the common law
  7. rule defining correct procedure behavior sport
  8. statement fact, deduced from observation, effect that particular natural scientific phenomenon always occurs certain conditions present
  9. a generalization based on a fact or event perceived to be recurrent
  10. body divine commandments expressed Bible other religious texts
  11. Pentateuch distinct from other parts Hebrew Bible (the Prophets Writings)
  12. precepts Pentateuch
  13. according concerned with laws country
  14. behave manner that conventional predictable
  15. resort legal action order settle matter
  16. situation characterized respect obedience rules society
  17. issue instructions to other people in an authoritative or dogmatic way
  18. punish someone for an offense according to one's own ideas of justice, especially in an illegal or violent way
  19. initiate legal proceedings against someone
  20. used spoken English assert that doing nothing wrong, especially response actual implied criticism
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