What is the meaning of the word give?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word give? Here are some definitions.
Meanings & Definitions
  1. freely transfer possession (something) (someone); hand over
  2. bestow (love, affection, other emotional support)
  3. administer (medicine)
  4. hand over (an amount) in exchange or payment; pay
  5. place specified value (something)
  6. used hyperbolically express greatly wants have something
  7. communicate impart (a message) (someone)
  8. commit, consign, or entrust
  9. freely devote, aside, sacrifice purpose
  10. (of man) sanction marriage (his daughter) someone
  11. consent have sexual intercourse with (someone)
  12. pass (an illness infection) (someone)
  13. make connection allow (someone) speak (someone else) telephone
  14. cite present when making toast introducing speaker entertainer
  15. cause or allow (someone or something) to have (something, especially something abstract); provide or supply with
  16. allot assign (a score)
  17. sentence (someone) (a specified penalty)
  18. concede yield (something) valid deserved respect (someone)
  19. allow (someone) have (a specified amount time ) activity undertaking
  20. predict that (an activity, undertaking, relationship) will last longer than (a specified time)
  21. yield as a product or result
  22. emit odor, vapor, or similar substances
  23. carry perform (a specified action)
  24. utter produce (a sound)
  25. provide (a party social meal) host hostess
  26. state forward (information argument)
  27. pledge or assign as a guarantee
  28. (someone) excuse inappropriate answer
  29. deliver (a judgment) authoritatively
  30. present (an appearance impression)
  31. tell what knows
  32. alter shape under pressure rather than resist break
  33. yield or give way to pressure
  34. concede defeat; surrender
  35. capacity to bend or alter in shape under pressure; elasticity
  36. ability to adapt or comply; flexibility
  37. act pretentiously or snobbishly
  38. mutual concessions and compromises
  39. make concessions and compromises
  40. respond with equal force vehemence when attacked
  41. inadvertently reveal something secret concealed
  42. scold or punish someone
  43. prefer admire — —
  44. used express exasperation, protest, disbelief
  45. within — — (used express degree accuracy figure)
  46. apart from
  47. cause or induce to happen
  48. inform someone in a formal and rather indirect way
  49. punish or scold someone severely
  50. what‘s news?; what’s happening? (frequently used friendly greeting)
  51. reveal true identity someone
  52. reveal information that incriminates someone
  53. hand over bride ceremonially bridegroom part wedding ceremony
  54. reveal something secret or concealed
  55. cease fighting or arguing; yield; surrender
  56. (of window, door, corridor, etc.) overlook lead into
  57. completely used
  58. stop functioning; break down
  59. distribute or broadcast something
  60. stop doing something
  61. used express vehement disagreement denial
  62. cease making effort; resign oneself failure
  63. applaud a performer or entertainer
  64. allow oneself taken over (an emotion addiction)
  65. deliver wanted person law-enforcement agents
  66. stop hoping that someone still going arrive
  67. pronounce sick person incurable
  68. part with something that would prefer keep
  69. stop habitual doing consuming something
  70. stop having faith belief
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