What is the meaning of the word focus?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word focus? Here are some definitions.
Meanings & Definitions
  1. The center of interest or activity
  2. concentrating interest activity something
  3. point origin earthquake
  4. principal site infection other disease
  5. part sentence given prominence, usually emphasis contrast, e.g., came, Bill
  6. state quality having producing clear visual definition
  7. point which object must situated with respect lens mirror image well defined
  8. device lens that adjusted produce clear image
  9. fixed points from which distances point given curve, such ellipse parabola, connected linear relation
  10. (of person their eyes) Adapt prevailing level light become able clearly
  11. Bring (one's eyes) into such state
  12. Adjust focus (a telescope, camera, other instrument)
  13. (of rays waves) Meet single point
  14. (of lens) Make (rays waves) meet single point
  15. (of light, radio waves, other energy) Become concentrated into sharp beam light energy
  16. (of lens) Concentrate (light, radio waves, energy) into sharp beam
  17. particular attention
  18. Concentrate
  19. Place focus (a part sentence)
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