What is the meaning of the word division?

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Meanings & Definitions
  1. the action of separating something into parts, or the process of being separated
  2. distribution something separated into parts
  3. instance members legislative body separating into groups vote against bill
  4. action splitting roots perennial plant into parts replanted separately, means propagation
  5. action dividing wider class into more subclasses
  6. disagreement between more groups, typically producing tension hostility
  7. process skill dividing number another
  8. process dividing matrix, vector, other quantity another under specific rules obtain quotient
  9. each parts into which something divided
  10. major unit section organization, typically handling particular kind work
  11. a group of army brigades or regiments
  12. number teams competitors grouped together sport competitive purposes according such characteristics ability, size, geographic location
  13. part county, country, city defined administrative political purposes
  14. part county borough forming parliamentary constituency
  15. principal taxonomic category that ranks above class below kingdom, equivalent phylum zoology
  16. subsidiary category between major levels classification
  17. partition that divides groups things
  18. assignment different parts manufacturing process task different people order improve efficiency
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