What is the meaning of the word cream?

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Meanings & Definitions
  1. Work (butter, typically with sugar) form smooth soft paste
  2. Mash (a cooked vegetable) with milk cream
  3. cream (coffee)
  4. cosmetic cream into (the skin)
  5. Defeat (someone) heavily, esp. sports contest
  6. collide heavily violently with (someone), esp.
  7. (of person) sexually aroused, esp. point producing sexual secretions
  8. Moisten (one's underpants) such arousal
  9. thick white pale yellow fatty liquid that rises when milk left stand that eaten accompaniment desserts used cooking ingredient
  10. part liquid that gathers
  11. very best group people things
  12. sauce, soup, dessert, similar food containing cream milk having consistency cream
  13. candy specified flavor that creamy texture, typically covered with chocolate
  14. thick liquid semisolid cosmetic medical preparation applied skin
  15. very pale yellow off-white color
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