What is the meaning of the word convert?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word convert? Here are some definitions.
Meanings & Definitions
  1. cause to change in form, character, or function
  2. change able change from form another
  3. change one's religious faith other beliefs
  4. persuade (someone) this
  5. change (money, stocks, units which quantity expressed) into others different kind
  6. adapt (a building) make suitable purpose
  7. transpose subject predicate (a proposition) according certain rules form proposition inference
  8. score from (a penalty kick, pass, other opportunity) sport game
  9. score extra point points after having scored touchdown kicking goal (one point ) running another play into zone (two points)
  10. advance ball enough during down earn first down
  11. person been persuaded change their religious faith other beliefs
  12. wrongfully make another's property
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