What is the meaning of the word body?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word body? Here are some definitions.
Meanings & Definitions
  1. physical structure person animal, including bones, flesh, organs
  2. A corpse
  3. physical mortal aspect person opposed soul spirit
  4. person's body regarded object sexual desire
  5. person, often specified type character
  6. trunk apart from head limbs
  7. main central part something, esp. building text
  8. main section aircraft
  9. A large or substantial amount of something; a mass or collection of something
  10. (in pottery) clay used making main part ceramic ware, distinct from glaze
  11. group people with common purpose function acting organized unit
  12. distinct material object
  13. full substantial quality flavor wine
  14. Fullness thickness person's hair
  15. Give material form something abstract
  16. Build bodywork (a motor vehicle)
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