Sentences and phrases with the word whizzing

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word whizzing? Here are some examples.

One woman whizzing by along the Upfield bike path is wearing a Cleary T-shirt; another wheels around to say hello.

In the end the investigators use fractal analysis to map the location of the boxes whizzing about the US and bring the whole operation.

I start pushing in order to gain speed and I'm soon whizzing around the track faster than I'd ever be able to manage on a normal bike.

This time, catch it on your forehead, by one tiny part of the rim, then set it spinning until it becomes a whizzing blue blur.

On the ground when it's heat-of-the-battle stuff and things are whizzing around your head.

We saw a bullet hit the ground in front of us just a short while ago and they' ve been whizzing over our heads as well.

You see whizzing round on the plastic conveyor belt is a procession of plates holding things that aren't very big.

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