Sentences and phrases with the word vital

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word vital? Here are some examples.

Fbi agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) is the hero who holds vital clues to the mystery behind Seven's new thriller.

This year, he remains as vital as ever.

Justine Clarke and The Surgeon could improve the vital signs of Australian television drama.

Marriage records are part of what is regarded as vital records which also.

Therefore, it is important to understand how to access and use vital records.

They are vital to attracting people's attention, and in turn making your Christmas party a popular event.

The vital position held by a unit coordinator inside a hospital and other medical facilities can be pursued through a three-step process.

As with all pets achieving the correctly balanced diet is vital for their overall.

Whether you are getting ready to buy your first home or your tenth home, getting a home inspection is a vital part of the property evaluation process.

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